Participating in international public solicitations is not easy. We know this very well, as we’ve been sitting on the ‚other side’ for quite some time, observing the headaches and difficulties that bidders have to face. We have seen way too many mutually promising business opportunities having been lost for simply lacking the required process knowledge and confidence about what needs to be done. Or, in case if everything is done properly and tender submission is not disqualified at an early stage, bids and proposals can be extensively sporadic as international benchmarks on public procurement conditions can be difficult to find.

P3 Globe provides support to your strategic business development plans by facilitating your participation in international public solicitations and help you win new contracts from organizations including United Nations and European Union agencies.

We monitor hundreds of new opportunities daily, and are excited to match our partners’ profiles with any of those business potentials. Once you decide to participate on a public solicitation process, we can take the complete tendering burden off your shoulders. Our approach for your successful tendering up till you sign a contract is simple – we let you focus on your strengths and area of expertise, while we focus on ours. In addition to advisory and consulting services on winning specific tender opportunities, you are also furnished with expert advice on strategic research and development requirements, organizational and/or procedural improvement potentials in order to participate more successfully in future tenders.


Our team has over 5 years of direct experience in conducting and facilitating public procurement processes. This means participation in and successful conclusion of over 400 international solicitation processes (tenders) for the United Nations and the European Union. Our geographic focus is global, with particular first-hand experience from the most intense markets in Europe, Africa, MENA and Far-East regions.

Thanks to this thorough head-on experience, our team can offer all-around support with built-in guarantees. The scope of our detailed advisory service covers all aspects of a successful tendering process, including monitoring, document review and analysis, benchmarking and initial assessment, market research, pre-bidding support through conferences and Q&A sessions, versatile bidding service with strategy setting and documentary preparation including company-specific tailor-made proposals, coordination of the full submission process, post-bidding monitoring and support, contracting, legal advisory service.


When it comes to participating in international public solicitations, we provide the following services to our partners:



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